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(E-blast sent on Nov. 4, 2009)

Legislature Passes Comprehensive Water Package

$11 billion bond measure to go to voters on November 2010 Ballot

After three years of working towards upgrading California’s water system,  a historic compromise was reached on November 4, 2009 that will ensure a safe, clean and reliable water supply for California.

This plan will meet the historic water supply challenges California is facing. California’s population – 38 million residents and growing – depends upon water infrastructure originally built for 16 million and is facing extreme challenges: environmental change, court-ordered restrictions, and years of continued drought. This package meets these challenges.

California’s lack of water has significantly damaged California’s economy – this package will help change that. Crops have been plowed under, unemployment in some of the state’s agricultural centers is in the forties and housing and business projects have stalled – this comprehensive package will help California families, farmers and ranchers, business owners and workers have the water to continue to grow and thrive in this state.

The Details

Safe, Clean and Reliable Drinking Water Supply Act of 2010

$455 million Drought Relief: For drought relief projects, drought relief for disadvantaged communities, small community wastewater treatment improvements and safe drinking water revolving fund.

$1.4 billion Regional Water Supply: For integrated regional water management projects up and down the state and for local and regional conveyance projects.
$2.25 billion Delta Sustainability: For projects that support delta sustainability options – levees, water quality, infrastructure and to help restore the ecosystem of the Delta.

$3 billion Water Storage: For public benefits associated with water storage projects that improve state water system operations, are cost effective, and provide net improvement in ecosystem and water quality conditions.

$1.7 billion Watershed Conservation: For ecosystem and watershed protection and restoration projects in 21 watersheds including coastal protection, wildlife refuge enhancement, fuel treatment and forest restoration, fish passage improvement and dam removal.
$1 billion Groundwater Clean-up and Protection: For groundwater protection and clean-up.

$1.25 billion Water Recycling and Water Conservation: For water recycling and advanced treatment technology projects as well as water conservation and water use efficiency projects.

Total: $11.1 billion

Comments from Governor Schwarzenegger

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger issued the following statement on November 4, 2009 regarding the legislature’s passage of an historic package to reform and rebuild California’s water system:

“Water is the lifeblood of everything we do in California. Without clean, reliable water, we cannot build, we cannot farm, we cannot grow and we cannot prosper. That is why I am so proud that the legislature, Democrats and Republicans, came together and tackled one of the most complicated issues in our state’s history. This comprehensive water package is an historic achievement.

On October 11, 2009, Governor Schwarzenegger issued a proclamation calling for the legislature to meet in an extraordinary session to address California’s water crisis, urging the passage of legislation on the many issues facing the state’s water system which were ultimately addressed by the water package passed today.

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