Are health care costs making you sick?

Check out the headline of a recent story:

Health care costs choking small businesses

Is your small business struggling to keep health care costs low?  Let the Dana Point Chamber of Commerce help you.

The Chamber has recently partnered with BEN-E-LECT to create the Chamber Health Plan.  The Plan is designed to help employers with 2 or more employees understand how they can lower the cost of the group Medical, Dental, & Vision plans.

      What you should expect:

1.      Lower actual plan cost by an average of over 30% per year

2.      Maintain or Improve the benefits you provide your employees

3.      Access to the every leading insurance carrier in your area

4.      Fast, efficient, turnkey administration

5.      Full financial reporting of plan results

The Chamber Health Plan is only available to our chamber members.   The Chamber is the leading advocate for small business and its Chamber Health Plan is another benefit specifically designed to help its member investors.

The BEN-E-LECT Plan is currently helping thousands of Employers lower their medical, dental, and vision plan cost and control benefits. It will work for your business, as well.

Need more information?  Call us at 949-496-1555 or email us


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