CEO’s Corner Welcome

Our Chamber strives to improve our community while at the same time helping each other expand our businesses. We’re here for the long haul, and for real gains—not for sudden, artificial spurts. This good economic growth can only be achieved ethically, responsibly. The Chamber works to educate members about regulations and local ordinances, to encourage compliance. We promote business to business exchanges, which thrive in an atmosphere of trust and fairness. The importance of ethical business behavior and fair exchanges has been underscored by the news in recent years of the collapse of a few large businesses elsewhere in the country, companies that ignored ethical standards. Building a business and a community on a firm foundation is building for tomorrow.

When you eat a meal out at a restaurant, if the food was reasonably priced, tasty, fresh, well-prepared, plus served promptly and with a smile—you generally come away feeling satisfied. Conversely, in any business exchange, if you come away feeling that you were cheated regarding either price or quality, you’re not likely to deal with that business again.

If you want a recommendation about a local business, the Dana Point Chamber of Commerce is pleased to present our online Business Directory and Shopping Guide – it lists businesses that care enough to belong to our Chamber. We encourage you to use this directory as your comprehensive guide to the wealth of goods and services in our community.

Integrity and ethics in business practices also extend to how we treat the people who work for us. As employers, we are responsible for honest, respectful dealings with our employees. When treated well, good employees stay with us longer, and they interact well with customers, promoting a healthy “bottom line.” Some years ago, Ken Blanchard and Dr. Norman Vincent Peale wrote a little book titled, “The Power of Ethical Management.”

The book warns against shortsightedness, stressing the importance of quality and integrity for furthering long-term interests. At the Dana Point Chamber of Commerce, we are proud to be working on the side of integrity, community service, civic beautification, respect for diversity, education, and economic prosperity for all. We are truly here for the long haul.

Nichole Chambers




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